A technology platform for industry

The Laboratory of Advanced Technology (LTA) is a joint platform of the University of Geneva and the University of Applied Sciences and Arts of Western Switzerland – Geneva designed to reinforce the interactions between academic institutions and industries, essential for the emergence of innovative technologies. The LTA provides small, medium and large companies with original technical solutions, complementing existing initiatives supporting businesses.

This new platform further aims to valorize the expertise and develop the unique infrastructure of the University of Geneva and the HES-SO Genève.

the Laboratory of Advanced Technology

  • promotes resources-sharing, both with industry partners and internally
  • stimulates interactions between students, young researchers and companies
  • invests in cutting edge facilities
  • increases the visibility of the activities of participating research groups
  • combines fundamental and applied research fields
  • provides new opportunities for transversal academic research and engineering

Steering commitee

Prof. Christoph Renner
University of Geneva
Prof. Alberto Morpurgo
University of Geneva
Prof. Yves Leuzinger
HES-SO Genève
Prof. Gilles Triscone
HES-SO Genève

Scientific liaison officers

Dr. Jérémie Teyssier
022 379 35 16
Dr. Nicolas Stucki
022 546 25 06

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