The LTA is inaugurated

Launched on November 17, 2015 by the rector of the University of Geneva, Yves Flückiger, and the Director General of the HES-SO Geneva, François Abbé-Decarroux, the LTA is a new platform designed to enhance innovation and complement the existing innovation system. LTA allows companies to use certain infrastructure and University expertise to implement their projects, such as spectrometers, rapid prototyping machines, electron beam lithography, etc. By supporting the sharing of resources between industrial and academic partners, the LTA encourages synergies and opens up new opportunities for the development of innovative and transversal projects. This new platform also has the advantage of stimulating the interaction between students, researchers and industries. Jacques Baur, R&D manager of Rolex SA and Roberto Perez responsible for applied research and deputy head of R&D in GF Machining Solutions welcomed the initiative, demonstrating the support of the Geneva economic environment. The event was organized in collaboration with the Economic Development Department in Geneva and with the support of the Office for the Promotion of Industries and Technologies and the Industrial Union Genevoise (FER). Since its creation, several companies seeking technology solutions, particularly in the areas of watchmaking, electronics and biomedicine, have already benefited from the services offered by the LTA.

Press release